I’ve fallen off the microblogging wagon in the last week.

Usually that is a bad sign and the direct result of not taking enough time for reflecting on work, life and the world…

Once in a while, I rotate the OS language of my devices between Dutch, Spanish, Catalan and English. It is amazing how simply organizing yourself in another language completely changes your perspective on the work to be done.

Since I’m reinstalling my main computer, today I did my tasks using almost exclusively my iPad and iPhone.

It went way better than I expected, though there are some little things, such as text snippets, that I have to fix if I want to use my mobile devices more often for work.

I’ve been wanting to up mu meditation practice for a while now. Today I started Sam Harris’ 50 day training course Waking Up, since I’ve heard many good things about it.

The first session was—as expected—a very basic 5–minute breathing mindfulness exercise. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session…