I just noticed that I haven’t updated my Now page since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

Of course, the idea of a ‘Now’ page is that it actually isn’t about right now, but more about describing my preoccupation and activities in the current ‘period’.

Anyway, you can see what I’m up to on the updates Now page.

Having a clear purpose is the key for a happy life.

Even when researchers compared lonely people with purpose to social butterflies without it, purpose came out on top. In other words, it’s possible when we’re doing things to better our society, the body assumes there’s a society there to better. We’re technically alone, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Via Jason Kottke

Usually when organizations talk about a VUCA environment, they are simply covering up bad planning, collaboration and organizational practices.

If you apply the growth mindset to organizations, you should stop talking about VUCA.

I am worried about my fellow Dutch citizens. The general idea in the Netherlands is that they have the coronavirus under control, but they have not.

The death numbers are following Italy’s numbers and today arrived at the point in which Italy went on lock down (which was already rather late).

Furthermore, the Netherlands are a small country. This amount of deaths has placed them at the 5th position on the ranking of deaths per 100.000 habitants (after San Marino, Italy, Spain and Andorra).

Why doesn’t the Dutch government want to take action?

That moment when you’re recording a video and the school in front of your house decides to let all children play on the yard while blaring “Baby shark” through the sound system…