ZeFrank does it again 🤣:

From a distance the mating dance of the male ostrich can look unusual the bit like a millennial at an outdoor music festival that just ate a brownie he bought from a man that calls himself Magic Joe.
However if we travel inside of the mind of the male ostrich it goes something like this, ‘oh my god, oh my god…’

3 Reasons Why Reflection Will Make You More Successful in 2020 × Ines Wichert

We live in a world that values action and where back to back meetings are a badge of productivity. Quarterly targets mean that we tend to be focused on the next thing on our to-do-list rather than looking back to evaluate how the last thing we’ve just completed could be improved. Few of us routinely take time out to reflect on past events. However, by missing out on opportunities for reflection you may be making yourself less effective than you could be. Reflection brings three distinctive advantages.