November 9th will always be a special day. 22 years ago I started writing on my personal blog. I have not always been equally active on, but it will always be my digital home.

Once in a while, I rotate the OS language of my devices between Dutch, Spanish, Catalan and English. It is amazing how simply organizing yourself in another language completely changes your perspective on the work to be done.

Since I’m reinstalling my main computer, today I did my tasks using almost exclusively my iPad and iPhone.

It went way better than I expected, though there are some little things, such as text snippets, that I have to fix if I want to use my mobile devices more often for work.

Far too many people are unaware of the real consequences of giving up their privacy. As Carissa Véliz writes, privacy is not a private issue, privacy is a collective issue.

Because we are intertwined in ways that make us vulnerable to each other, we are responsible for each other’s privacy. I might, for instance, be extremely careful with my phone number and physical address. But if you have me as a contact in your mobile phone and then give access to companies to that phone, my privacy will be at risk regardless of the precautions I have taken. This is why you shouldn’t store more sensitive data than necessary in your address book, post photos of others without their permission, or even expose your own privacy unnecessarily. When you expose information about yourself, you are almost always exposing information about others.

I had exactly the same problem happen to me.

Even though I have my iPhone configured to only allow calls from my contacts, some some spam calls got through. I just needed to delete my old ‘Don’t answer’ contact, which I used in the past to silence known phone spammers.

I’ve been wanting to up mu meditation practice for a while now. Today I started Sam Harris’ 50 day training course Waking Up, since I’ve heard many good things about it.

The first session was—as expected—a very basic 5–minute breathing mindfulness exercise. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session…