Adding recent comments to the MT sidebar

When I started using the default templates coming with Movable Type 4, I missed the **Recent Comments** widget. Below I explain how you can add create this widget and ass it to your sidebar in true MT4 style.
In the Movable Type administrative interface, go to Design > Templates > Template Modules and open either the ‘Sidebar – 2 Column Layout’ or the ‘Sidebar – 3 Column Layout’ template module, depending on which one you are using. Scroll down until you find a line with “ and paste the following code just above that line (you can of course also choose another position for the recent comments widget):

Recent Comments

  • <a href="#comment-
    “> on <a

Now in any template where you want to show the recent comments (e.g. the main index template or the individual archive template) you add the following line: “
Rebuild your weblog, and it should show you the five latest comments in the sidebar, just as you can see on this blog.

One thought on “Adding recent comments to the MT sidebar”

  1. Movable Type 4.01がリリースされています

    Movable Type 4のバグ・フィックス版として、バージョン4.01が18日にリリースされています。主にはバージョン4のファーストリリースからのバグ・フィックスとパフォーマンスの改善が施されているそうです。

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