Restructuring blogs

Behind the screens, various big changes are happening on my blogging environment. As you see in the sidebar, I currently maintain have four weblogs. The oldest of the four is Brain Tags, running since ages on Movable Type. Then I have a weblog called The Wizard of POS, until today running on the same MT installation as Brain Tags and available at ``. There is also an old blog about my web hosting adventures, which I haven’t updated in ages, called Brytenet weblog and just as the rest of the Brytenet site managed with eZ Publish. And finally I have my successful Spanish productivity blog El Canasto maganed with WordPress.
Quite a mess, isn’t it? Add to that the fact that I have been experimenting a lot with non-public weblogs, and you’ll get an idea of what things look like.
So I decided to clean things up, and do it well. You’ll notice from the links in the side bar that I have presented my blogs as **The Brain Network**, a name I never have been satisfied with. Anyway, I acquired a new short and flashy domain name (of course hosted by Brytenet) and made a fresh MT4 installation. This will be the home of **Brain Tags**, **The Wizard of POS**, **El Canasto** and a new network blog (I still have to decide whether I want to continue with the Brytenet Weblog). Until now I have re-created **The Wizard of POS**, imported all existing entries, comments and trackbacks, and tweaked the default template. And by the way, I gave it its own domain name,
There is still a lot of work to be done (and I have little time), but I already feel good about the new _home_ for my weblogs and am looking forward to being able to manage all my blogs from a single screen.