2 thoughts on “I visited 13% of all countries”

  1. I just checked out your map, and indeed it looks like your map is more filled in. This made me curious, so I looked in more detail:
    There are six countries I have visited which are not on your map, and you have visited three countries that are still on my to-do list.
    One country I visited has not been visited by you, while you have visited three countries I did not visit yet.
    There are no countries I visited not visited by you, while there is one country I did not visit.
    (Note that up to here we have visited an equal number of countries)
    You did not visit this continent yet, while I have visited one country.
    Conclusion: while your map looks fuller, I actually visited one country more. This optical illusion is mainly due to the many small countries I have visited (Andorra, Luxembourg, Monaco, Cyprus, Lesotho,…).

  2. The percentages are a little bit funny, because I’ve visited as many countries as you – maybe even more – and it says I’ve only visited 12% of the worlds countries. Anyways, at least I’m not unlucky number 13 ;-). I’ll post my map over at http://naafsvandijk.nl – maybe more people will follow suit!

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