Holiday plans

One more week to go until the start of our holidays. Yes, we go when everybody else already forgot about their holidays.
Our plans are simple: we are going to spend one week in the Netherlands, and two weeks in Andalusia. We’ve tried to visit my family before, but the flights were simply too expensive in the high season. So we decided to use part of our holidays to visit my family and our friends. As we have plenty of time, we will go up by car, saving a few bucks along the way.
After that we plan to spend some days at home to pick up our tent, and drive further down to Andalusia. In the almost five years that I live here, I haven’t seen a lot of Spain besides Catalonia. Of course there is plenty to see over here, but I feel a little bit ashamed of my lack of knowledge about the other parts of this country. The two weeks we will be spend in the south will be a little start in getting to know more of Spain.

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  1. Off the grid

    This weblog will remain quiet for some weeks as I will be on holidays. If you have any question, remark or news, just drop me an e-mail. I will occasionally read my mail, but probably won’t respond until the end of this month. I assume that you won’t m…

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