I’m a Lensmaster

Squidoo is open for public. Squidoo is a community where members –lensmasters– built _Lenses_. A lens is simply a page with information about a certain topic.
I joined the beta some weeks ago after reading the e-book by Seth Godin, and have created some lenses:
Point Of Sale technology;
The tech-life of Jeroen Sangers;
Apple iBook;
Apple Powerbook;
Types of web hosting.
So far the tools to built lenses –and the time I had available to use them– are limited, but it looks like a viable initiative. Squidoo is still considered a beta, but they already earned some real money:
> 5,241 Lenses Made    $148.88 Earned
I will continue playing with Squidoo, and will post more about it in the future.