How to add a website profile to Google Analytics

We all heard about the problems Google Analytics is having at the moment: after the launch they experienced extremely strong demand, and as a result, have temporarily limited the number of new signups. Not only have they stopped accepting new signups, but they also don’t allow existing users to add new website profiles.

After the launch I managed to get signed up, and submitted one of my sites to evaluate Google Analytics. Today, about a week after my signup, Google Analytics finally shows me the results. And I like it a lot! So I want to add Google Analytics to my other sites.

In the Website Profiles screen I read: To track another website with Analytics, click the ‘Add Website Profile’ link, but there is no such link in that screen. The help function directs me to the signup screen with the message that they do not accept new signups. What to do?

I loaded the Website Profiles page in my favourite HTML editor, and find the following code:

<td class="list_control_cell" align="right"><span class="plus">+</span> <a href="admin?vid=1151&scid=XXXXXX" class="normal">Add Website Profile</a></td>

They simply commented out the ‘Add Website Profile’ button! I open the page linked in the code, and Google adds my new website profile without any problem! So to add another website profile, you only have to log-in at Google Analytics and go to the following URL, replacing the XXXXXX by your own user number:

3 thoughts on “How to add a website profile to Google Analytics”

  1. Nope, I managed to add a few profiles, I have a good 10 profiles now that I’m using and I have raw log files for the rest. In time Google will allow additional profiles, until then, I’m not paying for it, so I can’t complain!

  2. Well, you’ve had more than two weeks in which you could have created as much site profiles as you want. I currently use four profiles, but have already created two more in case I am going to need them. Furthermore, I’ve heard that Google is now allowing some new sign-ups, so I expect they are going to allow you to add new profiles soon enough.

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