TailRank error

As I wrote this morning in The future of feed reading, I am going to try out TailRank. I exported my Bloglines subscriptions to an OPML file and imported this file in TailRank to let them know what I like to read. Then I also added the latest entry on this site end and looked at what TailRank was going to suggest me:

Yes, TailRank definitely seems to like my story!

Anyway, I mailed the image above to Kevin A. Burton, exlaining him:

I just started looking at TailRank, and I am very impressed.
I send you a screenshot of a results page, which I think might be a little bug you might want to look into. All I did was import my OPML file and submit the latest entry of my weblog. As you see, this entry appears several times on the result page.
Kind regards,
Jeroen Sangers

One thought on “TailRank error”

  1. Thanks.
    Yeah. One other user reported that.
    This is why we’re in beta :). This is the only main bug reported now so I’m pretty happy :)..
    I’ll have some time to fix this later today I think.

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