The temperature is slowly rising to a level where there are only two places to stay: inside an air-conditioned office or on the beach. This weekend I choose the latter, resulting in a lot of time to dream…

I thought about this site, and how I am only using a fraction of the available disk space and bandwidth.

What a waste! What if I just sold the space and bandwidth I am not using? Should be easy enough, I already us cPanel to manage the site, and I know that an additional script called WebHost Manager is available in which I can create new users and assign hosting packages. I could easily implement this without any additional cost.

What else should I need? A way to receive payments.… Most hosting providers I dealt with use 2CheckOut to receive credit card payments, and I could open a Paypal account as well. Both payment services take a percentage of the sales amount, both come without any set-up costs or monthly charges, so that’s free of risk.

What else? I need to communicate with my clients. Some kind of helpdesk software, which also manages the client’s orders and invoices and which can be linked to the two services above to cash in and preferably to WHM so accounts are generated automatically, after all, I rather spend my time on the beach.

There are some very good and complex packages available, but at this moment I am still dreaming, so I don’t want to spend too much money, and certainly don’t want to pay monthly charges. Google found phpCoin, which looks like it could be a good face towards my clients.

Mmmm, sounds like I could do it. Of course I have to spend some more time on the beach to think about details as the composition of the hosting packages I am going to offer and the name of my little hosting company (I already have some ideasj, and after that I need even more hours to implement all this and make a stunning design for the site. Will this dream ever come true???

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  2. Why does one start a hosting company?

    In my case the reason was an overdose of daydreaming.
    Ever since I got my first Internet connection at university back in 1994, I have been fooling around with web sites. First on free spaces, but soon I ran into the limits of these services and start…

  3. Making dreams come true

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  4. I never said that Woy made an unwise decision. As far as I know him, he is an ASP juggler, and therefore it makes a lot of sense to choose for a Windows server.

  5. Aha, offcourse… You mean Roy made the unwise decision regarding this. Well, maybe he can change some things. We’ll see!

  6. Once I have set up this whole thing (remember, first I have to spent more time on the beach), I will gladly offer some space to JNH, but… in their wisdom the webmasters of JNH once decided to built their site in ASP.NET, which is fine for big companies with their own servers, but a PITA for small clubs looking for hosting. Windows hosting is scarse and usually a lot more expensive. If I am going to offer hosting, it surely will by only on linux boxen.

  7. Hello mister Black. How are you?
    Just read your braintag about hosting etc. Maybe it is a nice way to sponsor your old Young Netherlands movement to give them “your” bandwith and diskspace. You can use that site to show others how your little company can help them.
    just another braintag…

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