New phone, same story

Why is it so difficult to do? When I buy a phone, I want all functions to work. Since yesterday I am using my new phone that came with the new contract. Since this phone has a camera, I would like to take pictures and send them to my friends or publish them on Flickr.

Well, that is not possible, since I do not have GPRS. Last year I had exactly the same problem with Movistar, but that solved itself after a while. But now I want to send my photos, so I checked the Amena site for instructions. Without success. So tonight I will try out the support department. And when I speak to them I can also activate roaming, since they have decided to deactivate it by default since most people never leave the country anyway ;-).

It’s not that difficult to do it right!

3 thoughts on “New phone, same story”

  1. Almost there

    Now one week later, I have managed to get GPRS activated (I have to pay activation costs!) which also made MMS active. After talking 5 minutes with customer support they also told me that they have activated roaming, so the next time I go abroad I can…

  2. I did indeed phone to Amena to activate GPRS and roaming, but they could not do it since my data had not yet been synchronised. Today I will phone them again.

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