Firefox login security

Have a look at the following screen:
firefox login
This is the screen Firefox shows me when a site requires me to log in. Note that there is no information about the URL of the site or the realm requesting me to log in. You can imagine the problem this gives when I open many tabs at the same time: I have no idea of which site is going to receive my details.
This problem only occurs in the Spanish version of Firefox; I also installed the English version, which showed me the necessary information.

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  1. Never mind my previous comment, I can reproduce this problem in es-ES Firefox 1.0.2

  2. Is your Spanish version somewhat old? We made a change prior to Firefox 1.0 to add the host information for the multi-tab reason you state. The very latest, Firefox 1.0.2, will switch to the correct tab so it’s even clearer which site will receive the auth prompt (though on multi-frame sites it’s not always clear without the dialog text).
    The correct strings exist in the Spanish localizations and the code looks like it would fail to show the dialog if it was unable to obtain or format those strings.
    Please mail me if you have a current Spanish version as that would need more in depth investigation.

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