Jong Nederland site uses Mambo

My good ol’ club Jong Nederland has a new site, based on the Mambo Open Source (MOS) CMS. The old site was based on home-brew PHP, and desperately needed a change.

It looks like they have the basic functionality up and running in MOS, but in my opinion they need to work a little bit more on the design. I am sure that they will fix it, since it already looks better than this morning. Of course the horrible “Designed for Internet Explorer” disclaimer has to go!!!

Further tips to make the site better:

  • Knowing the amount of events Jong Nederland has, it would be better to present an event list instead of a calendar;
  • Mambo has a nice option to create friendly URL’s, which only needs some changes to the .htaccess file;
  • The section pages should be more descriptive and at least contain links to the sub-sections to make browsing easier. I had to look twice before I noticed the extra options in the menu;
  • Jong Nederland has a huge collection of drawings and logo’s, but these are not used at all in the articles. I want Kleppie and Molly Mol!!!

As a regular contributor to the old guestbook, I need to browse my old JN stuff to find my membership number, so I can access the new forum.

3 thoughts on “Jong Nederland site uses Mambo”

  1. Honestly, I find that it’s quite horrendous, and if this is what Mambo creates on average, it needs some definite improvements…
    I can imagine the need to resort to Open Source software due to a lack of money for any decent commercial CMS, but there are quite affordable solutions coming out. I won’t link to the one I’m thinking of because it’s my own company’s product, and I don’t want to spam it out here. Just want to point out that to me, this feels like the old site that needed dramatic improvement…

  2. That is correct. FYI, there is a commercial add-on available which does create user-friendly URIs. I usually stick to the SEO friendly URIs.

  3. The “friendly URIs” in Mambo are actually not so friendly – they still look like gibberish to me. They’re only there for search engine purposes (the option to turn them on or off in the “Administrator” is also under the “SEO” tab). They should rather have used “friendly URIs” to help increase usability and keep permalinks permanent.

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