Firefox = Windows Explorer?

firefox Windows explorer
Windows XP has a nice function to keep your task bar organised by grouping windows of the same application. Apparently Windows considers Firefox to be the same application as Windows Explorer 😀

4 thoughts on “Firefox = Windows Explorer?”

  1. Well actually it is possible to use Firefox as windows Explorer, if you get ie tab for firefox. Type c:\ as a url and then with ie tab switch to internet explorer mode. Instead os opening a new windows explorer window it will use firefox as windows explorer.

  2. I’ve never seen that happen before, it’s a strange bug. However, I do agree with comments 1 and 2 that the grouping can be annoying. It would be much better if it were possible to re-organise the taskbar buttons easily and group or ungroup items manually.

  3. I agree with Chet, the grouping function is pretty pointless to me. I use a double-layer taskbar, simply because with 10 Quicklaunch icons and 3+ systray icons, having only 1 level of taskbar would generally make it impossible for me to easily manage my windows (other than going by alt-tab, which I still do regularly).
    2 layers of taskbar are much nicer, and the grouping only adds an incredible amount of nuisance for me (more so because I have my two Mozilla windows next to each other, the left on in the taskbar for my left monitor and the right one for the right).
    That’s a funny WinXP bug/glitch, though 🙂

  4. Hehe. That’s funny, but I’d hardly call grouping taskbar buttons a nice feature. Its one more click and search to get to the window you need.

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