European CafePress alternative?

The easiest way for a club, company or organisation to have a webshop is CafePress. You can upload your logo and select which products you want to offer, and they take care about taking orders, printing the products and shipment. Works like a charm, but they are USA-based. That means that European customers will ahve to pay extra shipment costs, which makes the items rather expensive. So I am looking for companies like CafePress with facilities in Europe to lower the costs.

So far I have found T-Shirt Zoo and spreadshirt, both of which look reasonable, but not as slick as CafePress. T-Shirt Zoo has a very small assortiment, and spreadshirt is only available in German. Are there any other companies like these available in Europe?

5 thoughts on “European CafePress alternative?”

  1. CustomDropShipper are based on ArtsNow ( which are in turn part of ArtsCow. Their web interface is appalling and their tech support totally unresponsive (two emails and four days later, still no reply to the simplest of questions). It’s a shame, because ArtsNow offer great plans and a huge range of products, but they are completely unworkable for any serious business.

  2. I found and use a new company called Creative Craving ( They are UK based so no need to worry about shipping and customs costs. I’ve actually got some of their stuff so I can tell you the print quality is really good. You should take a look at them.

  3. If you are still looking for that site – is a an US version of spreadshirt, allowing you to sell your merchandise in both US and Europe – with english interface…

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