Moved to a new server

This is the obligatory “If you can read this, the move was successful” message. Moving to the new server was very easy, I only had to give my cPanel details to the support staff, and ten minutes later they had my site and e-mail up and running.

There was only one Perl module missing to get my applications going, which was fixed in another two minutes. Now I have to wait for the new DNS settings to propagate. This was a lot easier than I thought!

2 thoughts on “Moved to a new server”

  1. Yes, they moved everything for me: all files, scripts, mail, subdomains, etc.
    In case of Movable Type, make sure that you run the mt-check.cgi script after the transfer to check whether all required modules are present.

  2. Good to hear it went smoothly. I’m still with Bloghosts and I didn’t realise they could transfer everything with cPanel. Does that include the moveable type installation?

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