GMail invitations

Besides collecting spam, I can also use my GMail account to invite others to use this service. If anybody still doesn’t have a GMail account and wished to have one, leave your full name and current e-mail address —which won’t be shown— in a comment.

143 thoughts on “GMail invitations”

  1. Hi, there. If it is still possible, would you be kind enough to send me an invite for Gmail.

  2. GMail open for everybody

    Google finally opened up GMail for users in Canada and the USA, where this service was still invite only. The popular mail service remains in beta though. This will probably also end one of the largest comment threads on Brain Tags (138 comments up to…

  3. hi is it still possible to get an invite for a gmail would be much appreciated

  4. pl invite me as early as possible to open a gmail account.
    thanks you,

  5. I need to use a gmail account as per as possible. please invite me.
    thanks you

  6. Hi i was wondering if i can get someone to send me a Gmail invitation, i heard good things about it and i would love to have one. Thank you in advance!

  7. Hi I’m from Canada. This is a great opportunity for a gmail account. Please send me an invite. Greatly appreciated.

  8. can some 1 pls send me a gmail invitaion i wanna open an account at so kindly pls send me a ivitation i will b thank full to u

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