Evaluating Mambo Open Source

Mambo Open Source logo
These days I am trying to see whether the Mambo Open Source CMS system could fit my idea’s for the new Fimcap site. The software is very complete, and I still have to explore all available third-party Components and Modules before I can make my final judgement. I am using this post as my scrapbook, so I can access my notes from any computer.
– To support the site in three languages, the best solution is to have three separate installation; note: I still have to look at mambelfish
– The default DTD is XHTML 1.0 Transitional;
– The default templates do not validate; 😦
– If I want to see the contents of a section, it gives me a list with the categories within that section. I would like to be able to see the actual items, grouped by category;
– Is it possible to have a general login without the rights to publish documents or to change account settings?;
– The default WYSIWYG HTML editor only works on Internet Explorer and produces upper case elements;
– The user manual is very clear, but unfortunately more technical documentation (template design) is not available yet;
– There are two separate login systems, one for the site and one for the administrative interface. I would like to login only once;
– The PartyStaff module lets authors manage their own details (presidium page);