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One of the additions to Movable Type is a news box in the main menu of the main menu. This box syndicates the latest news from the Movable Type site, and has a prominent position on the top right of the screen.

I prefer to read syndicated content through my news reader, and this news box simply irritates me. So I searched through the files and removed the responsible code. In case you want to do the same: you’ll need to edit the file tmpl/cms/list_blog.tmpl, and remove lines 7-13 (starting with <div class="news-box">).

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  1. Thanx to this comments I think I found out the real solution:
    From the documentation:
    # NewsboxURL
    The newsbox in the upper-right-hand corner of Movable Type’s main menu is pulled over the web from the URL in this value.
    You can set this box to display a custom “local” news feed (for example, your organization’s internal news), by changing the NewsboxURL value. The content returned at that URL should be a small amount of balanced HTML which will fit within a document object of a varying width.
    So you just set
    NewsboxURL disable
    to your mt.cfg

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  3. I don’t know if it is a big problem if MT is trying to fetch news without success. I think it won’t slow the application down that much.
    But if you want to remove this feature, you need indeed lib/MT/App/
    If I am right (I have not tested this!) you’ll need to remove lines 312 (my $NEWSCACHE_TIMEOUT = 60 * 60 * 24;) until 342.

  4. I looked into that as well, and this is only a partial solution. Removing the stuff from the template only prevents MT from displaying the fetched data, but doesn’t prevent MT from going to fetch the news.
    You also need to modify lib/MT/App/ I’m not up enough on what’s actually happening to make a call on the best way to change this, so I won’t here.

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