There is a law that is valid on both the internet as on every school yard: how important you are depends on who your friends are. Nowadays on the internet, your importance is expressed as PageRank. PageRank is a number between 0 and 10, calculated in a very secret way, but based on the amount of links to your site and the PageRank of the sites linking to you. If you own a site with a high PageRank (8+) you can earn a lot of money by simply putting a link to other sites on your homepage.

Knowing this, I wondered how popular I am. What is the PageRank of this site, where on the internet popularity scale am I. I looked it up, and found that I am exactly in the middle; I have a PageRank of 5/10. I am not the most popular guy on the school yard, but neither a looser without any friends.

This made me wonder what I had to do to get a 6. What kind of sites have a 6? And a 7? So I visited some sites from my bookmarks and made a short list with example sites for each PageRank:

PageRank Example site
10 Google
9 SlashDot
8 CSS Zen Garden
7 Zeldman
6 Weblog about Markup & Style
5 Brain Tags
4 Fimcap
3 Familie Naafs – Van Dijk
2 KJG Roundabout
1 Startpagina voor Jong Nederland
0 Jong Nederland Harmelen

It was quite difficult to find sites with PageRank 1 and 2. Most sites I found have a PageRank of 3 and 4. Most popular sites reside at PageRank 8. Jong Nederland Harmelen obviously did something very wrong, since Google punishes them hard for not letting the GoogleBot spider their site.

3 thoughts on “PageRank”

  1. Hi! The pagerank calculator doesn’t work. Everytime I enter an URL (even yours), I just get a blank page, i.e. the same page as I fill it into. But no report…
    Anyways, in time our little website has climbed on the Google ranking and now scores a 5 😉
    So you might wanna update your list 😉

  2. Great! I got a 6, right under Zeldman 🙂
    Is this only possible with the Google IE plugin or can I find something fancy for Mozilla as well?

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