A small experiment to start the year 😉

I installed SnagIt on my computer, which I configured to upload each 30 minutes a screendump of my desktop. Now everybody can see what I am doing during the day. As soon as I have a more powerful computer at home, I will do the same from there.

3 thoughts on “Screendump”

  1. In fact I am not using Brads code anymore, but some days ago I changed to the ArchiveYear year plugin. In my opinion this plugin is a better solution, since it implements the yearly calendar as an archive template instead of creating a new index template for each year.
    The ArchiveYear plugin has the posibility to omit months before the first post and after the last post, which is why you see only January in the 2004 calendar.

  2. This comment is nothing to do with this post but I was just wondering about your yearly archives. Im using Brads code aswell and was just wondering how you managed to do it so the calendar doesn’t display if there are no entries?

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