Big Medium for Fimcap

A while ago I mentioned Big Medium as a possible CMS for the Fimcap site. Today I finally had some time to lurk on the Support forum to find answers to some of my questions. Already after reading only a few messages I found out that Big Medium is not what I was looking for. 🙁

  • The user interface of the produced site has some hard-coded English texts; so internationalisation (I18L) is out of the question;
  • Big Medium only supports two document levels: the category and the subcategory. Only with an ugly hack it is possible to go deeper. This is also by design, and won’t be solved in the near future;
  • The text editing area is too much a ‘guestbook’ styled page and not enough a text processor. For use by people without any HTML knowledge it is absolutely necessary that the interface has the buttons to change the text properties (bold, italics, headers,…);
  • There currently is no search feature; so I’ll have to implement a separate search script. It is a big pity that you can’t search directly in the BM database;
  • To edit a document you’ll have to go to the management interface and look up the document. I would prefer to have an ‘Edit’ button right on the page if my machine contains the BM cookie with the appropriate rights;
  • Another thing I miss is the plug-in flexibility of Movable Type. Since BM does not support plug-ins, I’ll have to wait for a new release to have extra functionality.

Most of the point mentioned above are on the roadmap, but in general I miss the flexibility of systems like MT.

2 thoughts on “Big Medium for Fimcap”

  1. Wow! A reply from the developer within a few hours after writing down these points! I wonder how he found this site.
    I really would like to use and support this product, but my biggest problem is the lack of category levels. This is a huge show-stopper for many sites. If I look for example at the products pages for our (small) company, we have three levels: business group, type of business and product. Also many club sites use three levels (e.g. reports of activities: year, type of activity, specific activity).
    Anyway, I will keep following the developments on Big Medium.

  2. Hi Jeroen — As the developer of Big Medium, I just want to thank you for your interest in the software and for sharing your findings with your readers. For me, it’s always extremely useful to find out what potential customers see as the pros and cons of the system.
    As you point out, many of the items you mentioned are very much on my to-do list. The good news is that I expect many of your wishlist features to be ready within the next couple of months. In fact, a polished beta version of rich-text editing with format buttons will debut in the next two weeks, and I expect that the final version will be ready by the end of January. The search feature and an interface to internationalize the website text should follow shortly after.
    Big Medium is less than a year old and still a very young product, but I’m listening carefully to the feedback of its users and potential users as I continue to develop its feature set. Stay tuned, there are some exciting things to come…!
    If you’re interested, here are a pair of links to help you keep tabs on the ongoing development…
    Big Medium RSS feeds:
    Email newsletter:
    Thanks again,
    Josh Clark

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