I need some time!

So many things to do, and only 24 hours in a day. I guess everybody sometimes has the feeling that too many things lie around unfinished.

For me, these are some small, usually technical, things as fixing the stylesheet of this site so the menu appears on the right place in IE, converting this site to PHP (so I can degrade pages to XHTML1.0 for IE), fix the light in the stairway, reading hundreds of pages I have bookmarked lately, look for a new computer for my in-laws, build a wireless network at home, put the latest Link on the Fimcap site, paint our front door, learn how to use ZOPE for future use for Fimcap, install freeBSD on my laptop…

Looking at this list, I wonder where all my time is going. Lets see: 9 hours sleeping, 9 hours working, 1.5 hours household (cooking, cleaning, ironing), 2.5 quality time (hours drinking beers on a terrace, watching TV on the sofa, reading the newspaper), 1 hour taking care about myself (eating & shower)… that leaves me 1 hour each day to be productive! I definitely need more hours in a day.

One thought on “I need some time!”

  1. In reply to your free time behaviour: I think I saw you three weeks ago as a spectator at the Prut Race in Haarzuilens. I was the guy completely covered with mud, and probarly not recognizable. Did you enjoy that, watching other people loosing their dignity?
    As a former inhabitant of Harmelen, I assume you will join the race next year…
    ps also from Harmelen ofcourse.

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