Braintags is also available in WML format, so you can read your favourite 😉 site using your WAP enabled telephone. Just point your telephone to http://wap.braintags.com/.

As this is the first time I tried to create something in WML, it surely is full with mistakes. Just let me know, so I can change it and learn something more.

5 thoughts on “WAP”

  1. Ooooooooohhh…
    I hadn’t seen that Meta-box… It’s a little far out there on the right… And underneath that spacy commercial place… It sort of disappears in the “blue’s” on the page!
    Anyways, now that you pointed it out I cannot miss it! Hopefully other visitors are more diligent than me when looking for the date of the article!

  2. Hi Sebastiaan,
    You might want to look again, since the date is shown on every page. Overview pages, such as the home page etc. are generally grouped by date. Individual entry pages have a special ‘meta’ box, showing the publication date and the date of the latest modification of the entry.

  3. Hi Jeroen!
    This was posted a long time ago, but one thing that struck me as odd, is that I never can seem to find a date when you post an entry. This is very important when reading an article to check up on the validity of it, if it isn’t outdated etc. Even Roger Johansson over at 456bereastreet.com doesn’t use it (a date for his entry, that is), which is even more peculiar as he really writes about stuff of the moment.
    You can of course get close by reading the URL, but a real date does the trick a lot better!

  4. Since the latest change in the stylesheets I don’t specify any font size anymore, so if the fonts are huge, that is because your browser uses a huge font. For this site, I am not going to correct strange behaviour in browsers anymore.
    You are right about the menu. I quickly added it, but it certainly is not finished yet…

  5. Hi!
    C U R trying to change the appearance of your site! It will probably take some time, as for now it looks a lot worse than it did before the redo (at least, in IE6!). Sorry!
    The fonts are huge, the tabs (I assume) at the top need some work and it looks a little disorganised. Anyway, I am sure that in the end this site will be very nice, like it was, only better. Say, Jeroen-wise improved!
    I also see that you have started using icons to show that a link is external. On my own site I use an icon to show whether the link is an internal or an external link! Then it is easier for the visitor to know if s/he will continue “into” the site or out of it! Keep up the good work Jeroen!
    PS: Wanna do some work together on the Fimcap site?

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