Holidays in the Netherlands

One more week to go, and we have our second short vacation of this year!!!
After going to Croatia in July, we will visit the good ol’ Netherlands this time. From September 9 until 16 you will have a bigger than normal chance of seeing us in the north of Europe. We didn’t make an exact planning of what we are going to do, but we have made two short lists. One with some practical things I have to arrange, and one with some places we want to visit. The first list has to be followed, and the second list will almost surely change on a day-by-day basis.

3 thoughts on “Holidays in the Netherlands”

  1. En je mag natuurlijk het land niet verlaten voor je met mij een biertje hebt gedronken om te vieren dat je dat eerste lijstje afgerond hebt! Ben blij je weer eens te kunnen spreken kerel.

  2. You both are very welcome in Enter (on the keyboard) as you know. Most of the days I work at home, but I never know before if I have to go to the office or somewhere on site. So contact me when you are planning to visit me.

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