Work to do

When I designed this site, I of course tested the layout on my Windows computer. I know that it looks alright with IE6 and Mozilla, and I suspect that it looks acceptable in most other OS/browser combinations.

If I would be a professional designer, I would run it through the famous BrowserCam, but my little site is not worth the money.

Of course there are some emulators available, which might give you an idea of how your site looks, but remember that if something looks wrong you never know for sure whether it is your code or the emulator.

A new emulator I found today, shows how this site looks on an iPaq PDA.

Mmmm. Header to big, no skip navigation link, useless side column, font too big, … But still readable. I also loaded the Fimcap site, which still has a tables based layout, and that looked way worse. To read the text you have to keep on scrolling.

I guess I will have to make a new stylesheet, or maybe serve PDA’s the print stylesheet. But the print stylesheet removes all the navigational elements…

Anyway, the coming days I will tweak this site so it will look better for my mobile readers — do I have any?

6 thoughts on “Work to do”

  1. The link Brian gave explains that the emulator does not handle stylesheets correctly and shows different results depending on your browser. The emulator is only accurate for CSS-less sites (yes, those created in 1995); I hope that they will fix these bugs very soon.
    Like I said in my entry, an emulator can never replace testing on the real device if you’re a professional developer. For amateurs like me, tools like this can give me an indication of how it MIGHT look, which is good enough for sites like this.
    For all you professional guys out there: I heard that BrowserCam is considering adding mobile devices to their service. Very good news indeed.

  2. Hey, the iPAQ tool is cool! Checking my site worked out nicely, the navigation at the bottom. Checked out the sites I’ve made for my work, and they work out nicely as well. Emulation is a good way to test a site. Go Opera go!!!

  3. I have tried BrowserCam when they were still developing their service, I think it is owesome. I did not know about the 7 hour trial period; I might check it out after I have made some more changes to my site. Thanks for the tip!

  4. BrowserCam lets you try it free, unlimited screen captures for 7 hours. If you haven’t used it before you might as well demo it now!

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