Comment form problems

I am having some problems in the comment form of my individual archives.

After entering a comment, the form correctly sets the mtcmtauth, mtcmtmail and mtcmthome cookies.

But if I view the page later, the contents of these cookies are not loaded into their respective fields (I’ve tried it with Moz and IE6). My browser tells me that is zero or not an object. Of course I checked my template, but I cannot find anything strange.

The <form> element has id="comments_form", and the field is also nicely called email.

I don’t know where to look further anymore. Can somebody have a look at this page, and help me with the solution?

2 thoughts on “Comment form problems”

  1. I found it!
    On my pages I use the XHTML1.1 DTD, which does not allow the ‘name’ attribute. So I changed all the name attributes in id to obtain a valid markup.
    After changing the id=�comments_form� back to name=�comments_form�, my personal details showed up in the file again.
    But now my pages don’t validate.
    So the next question is how to modify the javascript so that it works with the XHTML1.1 DTD.

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