Pop-up banner adds

I don’t notice the pop-up advertisements on this site anymore, since the browsers I am normally using (Mozilla & Firebird) block them, but I know that they irritate quite some visitors of this site. But as they say: you get what you pay for. I pay nothing for hosting this site, and in return I’ll have to accept that my provider adds these horrible things to my pages. 😦
But I have good news for you: today I arranged a new hosting provider, and since I am paying a little bit, they will host my site banner free!!!!!!. I could have upgraded my current account, but I have found a provider who gives me a lot more for less!!! Here are the specs:
– 75mb disk space
– 5gb/month bandwidth
– Unlimited e-mail accounts
– Unlimited FTP accounts
– Unlimited MySQL 4 databases
– Unlimited subdomains
– 4 mailing lists
– One domain
– PHP 4.3.1
– CGI-Bin (Perl)
– POP3, SMTP, IMAP, & Webmail
– Unlimited e-mail forwarders
– Unlimited autoresponders
– crontab
– …
For me, the biggest advancements are the MySQL database, unlimited POP3 boxes and PHP. I don’t know anything about PHP, but I have seen a lot of handy code that I would like to copy & paste in my templates. Another benefit is that without the banner code, my pages will contain valid XHTML 1.1 code.
For the coming period, I’m afraid that I will still serve my site from the old location with pop-ups, since I want to set up the new server really, really good, and like to fix some design flaws in the current site.
Be patient, dear visitors…