Mozilla Thunderbird

Yesterday I have installed Mozilla Thunderbird on my computer.

Until now I was using Microsoft Outlook Express to handle my mail, but I was far from satisfied with it. I never have been a great fan of OE, but since my computer is very old (1997) with limited resources (Cyrix P150+, 48Mb RAM), I am very careful not installing too much heavy software on it. Therefore I stick with the default Windows applications as much as possible, unless they are completely unworkable.

A while ago I already switched from IE6 (which was almost as old as my computer) to Mozilla Firebird for obvious reasons, and I never looked back to Internet Explorer anymore.

Outlook Express was also close to unworkable for me. Its limited filtering, habit of creating bloated e-mail and top posting were bugging me all the time.

Time for a change, and my Mozilla experience lead me to Thunderbird. The only problem is that the Thunderbird project is still in a alpha stage, and therefore surely still contains some bugs. I decided to install it anyway, and until now I haven’t found a single bug!

It feels a little bit slower than OE, but it certainly makes life a lot easier. I was able to import my Outlook Express address book and mail without problems, and was able to set up a (Bayesian) Spam filter in no time.

I still have to do some additional configuring like specifying the signatures and adding my certificates, but my experience so-far is more than positive!!!

3 thoughts on “Mozilla Thunderbird”

  1. Thunderbird is an excellent email client, but not as an incredible step up from some others (yet). Avoid Outlook though, if you care about escaping virii and evil scripts. Mozilla is a set of web-related programs, but it will soon be modularized and use Firebird as its browser.

  2. First you have to ceate a text file with your signature. After that you go to your account configuration, where you can specify a file to be included as a signature.
    At this moment I don’t have Thunderbird at hand, so I can’t be more precise. If you need more precise information, just let me know.

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