Almost ready for Holidays

The car has been thoroughly checked, my colleague has been informed of ongoing issues at my job,… I guess I am almost ready for holidays. There are only three things left to arrange before I will disappear for two weeks.

First at home. Tomorrow I will clean our house and do some shoppings (we only have yoghurt and beer in the fridge!). I also have to ask our neighbours to take care about our plants; they are very thirsty with this weather.

Then I have Fimcap. I need to finish the on-line edition of the Link magazine June edition. Besides that I need to activate a page I already created on which you can read live news from the World Camp, a Fimcap activity for youth animators in the Philippines. During the world camp, participants will write their stories on this page. Photos will be added later by the webmasters (of which I am one), since editing pictures, uploading them and creating the right HTML code is too difficult. I could have used some advanced blogging tool, but decided that for the moment NewsPro will do the job.

And finally I have to prepare the trip. We decided to go by car to Croatia, with a stop in Milano to visit Roberto. And that is about all we decided and have prepared so far. We don’t know which road to take, what we can visit and where to stay in Croatia. I hope that MJ was able to buy a copy of the Lonely Planet guide, because then I will have good faith in our trip.

Anyway, I am almost ready. The next two weeks it will be very quiet on this web site!

2 thoughts on “Almost ready for Holidays”

  1. Surely I can explain this sentence. Firstly, I changes the sentence a litle bit, since there were some horrible language mistakes and typo’s in it. The right sentence is: “…uploading them and creating the right HTML code is too difficult.”
    The tool we use for the Fimcap site (NewsPro) is not able to handle content other than text. So to place pictures in a message, they will have to upload the file over FTP to our server and enter the correct IMG tag in the text of the message. Since 99% of the people witing content for the mentioned page don’t know anything about HTML at all, this task is simply too difficult, and therefore we decided that the webmasters take care about the pictures.

  2. I am not clear with the sentence ‘…uploading them and creating to right HTML is to difficult.’
    I would be very grateful if you could explain that portion to me.
    Waiting for your kind reply.
    Thank you.

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