Breaking the law

Yesterday I started installing Windows 98 on my computer WITHOUT A LICENCE!!!
I know that it is illegal, but I have some reasons for doing it. First of all I think that I will only use Windows 98 temporary, and will be able to swith to Linux or FreeBSD soon. Secondly, Windows 98 is a product that is not supported anymore by Microsoft, and I doubt if I still can buy a licence. But even if I could, I wouldn’t buy it.
So today I entered the world of serialz, my god how I hate this! Especially since I was doing it on my old laptop which was slowing down with each pop-up showing.
Now that I almost finished installing the operating system, it is time to start thinking about the applications I need. I have made this small list:
– Microsoft Office 97
Also highly illegal, but I think my computer is just too slow for OpenOffice;
to copy and synchronise files for my websites;
to edit my web sites;
TopStyle Pro
the easiest way to edit CSS files;

Mozilla or Phoenix
Everything is better than IE, but I am not sure whether my system is fast enough to support Moz;
ArgoSoft mail server
Since my ISP doesn’t allow me to send mail from my or e-mail addresses.

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