Our little house

You might have been wondering why I haven’t written about our house lately. Well, that’s mainly because we haven’t done a lot the last weeks.

But, things are going to change (at least a little but). I hope that when I come home for lunch this afternoon I will find some nice packages containing a desk for our working room and the remaining parts for our library. And once I have put them into place, I can finally unpack my old computer, and play a little bit again.

Furthermore we are going to select some curtains for our living room tonight. Once that is done only some things have to be done:

  • Put the doorframe of the bathroom and paint it.
  • Buy lamps.
  • Put a side table in the corridor.
  • Make something to hang our jackets.
  • Have somebody make a closet in the bathroom.

Not a lot, isn’t it?

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