The last years I haven’t done a lot of sports.

When I was younger (yes, I’m becoming an old man) I used to cycle every day to school (11 kilometres) and I have been playing table tennis and volleyball.

After I finished school, the only sports I did was the weekly paaltjesvoetbal at Jong Nederland. But now that I’m living in Lleida, I even stopped doing that, but it is time for a change…

As the title of this message already suggests, basketball became the sport of choice. It is one of the most popular sports here in Lleida, and the local club is quite successful. I am not playing in that club, but only incidentally on Sundays together with some friends. We play on the square of the school oposite of our house, which I call our virtual garden (we only have a balcony).

Last Sunday was the first time I joined the basketball group. The weather was great, it felt like spring. And my muscles still tell me that I was playing too fanatically.

Next weekend I probably cannot play (good start, isn’t it?), because Maria José and I plan to go to the pyrenees for some snow fun.

[Update 2004.01.21]: Changed link to JNH

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