I guess some people are missing their weekly update about my life. Not that nothing happened in my life the last couple of weeks, but I just didn’t feel like writing. For all people addicted to news about me, here is an update.

First of all our house. The planning was that the kitchen should have been placed two weeks ago. But unfortunately the worker hasn’t finished the prepatory work (electricity, water, floor, ceiling,…) yet. We hope that he’s going to finish it this week, so within a week or two we’ll have our new kitchen (which will be the first room completely finished then). In the mean time, we have started painting the ceiling of our bedroom. All in all, it looks like things are finally getting better!

Secondly, my professional life. These weeks my colleague is on holiday, so this gives me some more responsabilities and work. I’m now communicating with distributors and clients in Holland, Australia, Bolivia, Mexico, U.S.A., … Strangely enough I find that in a lot of places Dutch people are working, and as a result I’m speaking Dutch half of the time.

Finaly my personal life. This weekend we had once again visitors from Holland: my sister and her boyfriend. For them it was the last change to visit us for a while, since after December they will have to take care about their little child (we don’t know yet whether it is a boy or a girl, although we guess it will be a boy). We showed them the ruins which will become our house and of course we went to see some of Lleida’s touristic highlights. In the evenings we explored some of the culinary habits over here. For them it was the first time to have supper at midnight, and I discovered that this Italian waiter could speak fluently Dutch. We were really happy with their visit. After visiting us, they spend two days in Barcelona. If everything went right, they are now home again.

One thought on “Update”

  1. Website progress

    People who haven’t visited my website might think that it has changed a lot. But after the big step last week things look quite the same. That is because I am going to make the site in three stages: Contents….

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