One thing I noticed over here is that there is more paperwork. Maybe I only have this impression because I am an immigrant, but I think that in general people use more forms and official papers.

I am living in Catalunya for half a year now (yes, time flies) and today I received a notice that my request for a residence card is honoured. can you imagine: 6 months for reading a request, finding out that I’m from the EU and approving it!!

The letter which told me all this was completely unreadable, because all the references to the different laws involved. Anyway, I am ready to collect my residence card.

All I have to do (if I understand it right) is take the blue form (type XXX, model XXX, approved by XXX and of course with four copies), go to the bank, pay 5,06 euros, take the signed blue form, the yellow form (type YYY, model YYY, approved by YYY, signed by my boss and of course with four copies), 3 foto’s and the unreadable letter (number ZZZ, approved by ZZZ, and hey, without copies?) and bring it during working hours to their office.

Luckily MJ knows the procedure, and also knows that the address on the letter is not the right one. I love paperwork!!!!!!

Ah, and the best of all: after a procedure of 6 months I will receive a card that is valid for 4 months. In other words: I should have asked the next card in February!

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