My job

I just noticed that I haven’t written for a while about my job. And since quite some of the visitors of this site are ex-colleagues from MultiSystems/Avalix/Aino, I think that it is apropriate to write some words about my job.
The company I work for consists of three companies: ICG, a company which produces software for shops and small companies, Ricomack, a company which has a shop and delivers technical support, and finally CST consultants.
I work for Ricomack, in the department ‘internet’. This department consists of Xavi and me (and part-time Massimiliano). We handle all work which is related to internet activities and servers. Ricomack acts as a ISP for some companies, we host their web sites and their mail accounts. This is mainly the work of Xavi; he also designs the web sites (he started the one of Ricomack just today, so don´t expect too much from this one).
My main concern is the installation of new servers for clients, all HP with Windows 2000. Besids that I also repair desktops and do a lot of other small jobs. Today Xavi and I decided to make our room more comfortable, so I ended up with a drilling machine to change the TL lights. As I said, I do a lot of differnt things.
Unfortunately I am not so involved with UNIX anymore. Our internet server runs Red Hat, but furthermore it is all Windows.
**[Update 2004.01.21]**: Removed bloken link to nonexisting company 😉