Training course Fimcap secretariat

No, I am not going to be the new secretary of Fimcap, but I was present at the unofficial training course. Wim from Chiro was this weekend in Catalunya to talk with Carme, the former secretary.

And of course, if you come all the way from Belgium, you have to see something of the country.

On Friday evening he was shown the wild nightlife of St. Feliu de Llobregat (A.K.A. the town of the single women). On Saturday morning there was a meeting of the exchanges workgroup of CCCCCE, so I took Wim to Barcelona to walk around and show him that I don’t know Barcelona very well.

After that we went with 8 people to Andorra. Why? To swim! Andorra has a really nice swimming pool, of which I already have forgotten the name, and we have spend the evening taking baths. Alveiro had arranged a nice cabin to sleep, in a house full of people who came to ski. I wonder if they knew how wonderful the swimming pool is…

Sunday morning we spent tax-free shopping, and then it was time to go home again.
And the training course? Well, I think that Wim will manage…

3 thoughts on “Training course Fimcap secretariat”

  1. Andorra

    Easter in Spain is something special. On ‘Semana Santa’ everybody takes a small holiday and leaves town to spend a few days in the mountains or at the beach. You can not imagine how silent and empty a city can…

  2. After this rather short trainigcourse I am shure that I can manage. And a short visit to Barcelona and Andorra are verry worthwile. So, thank you again to all people who made my stay so pleasant.
    PS: I hope Martha got bach her lighter from Ignaci

  3. The name of the swimming pool is Caldea. And Sant FEliu is a very nice town, known as city of roses (because of flowers but also because of beautiful girls…)
    About the training coure, I hope it was useful for Wim

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