Another car

Until yesterday, we had two cars at home: the Pajero, used by the parents of MJ, and the Opel, used by MJ and her sister and recently also by me. Yesterday, the brother of MJ received his new car (a brand-new Peugeot 307) and so his old car is also available.

This car, a white Fiat Punto, is also property of the family, and for the moment MJ and I are going to use it. This gives some relieve, because it is not always easy to car-pool with three people having a different schedule and working at different places. Sometimes I was traveling (and waiting) for one hour, while it is only 7 kilometers from home to work.

This weekend we will have to clean the car, and we are going to put in some personal thingies. Of course the frog which I once received for my birthday from my three brothers will take it’s usual place in the back of the car…

2 thoughts on “Another car”

  1. Ha die Jeroen,
    Alles kist daaro?
    Een uur wachten om 7 kilometer te reizen? Nog maar net Nederland verlaten en nu al vergeten dat je kunt fietsen???:-)
    De mazzel, Micha

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