The Score

Yesterday MJ and I decided to visit the cinema. After a very busy week with a lot of new impressions, we felt that we had deserved it. Our choice was “The Score”.

We found out that we were not the only ones who have had a busy week, because the city was full of trafic, looking for a place to park. Normally in the Netherlands the Sunday evenings are quiet, but here Sunday is the day to visit the cinema. After 10 minutes circling around the cinema, we were lucky; a place for our car only 2 minutes walking!

Fortunately we arrived early, because only 10 minutes after we arrived the entrance of the cinema was completely full with people. In their wisdom, the designers of the cinema had decided to place the entrace to the halls, the toilets and the ticket office all in the back of the entrance hall. As a result, it was almost impossible to arrive to the ticket office and to go to the toilet before the movie.

When the movie started, I came to a big surprise: Marlon Brando has learned to speak Spanish really good! And he also had an operation of his throat. He sounded so different… And not only Marlon, but also all the other actors. By the way, I think that this also explains the average level of English spoken in this country: people never hear English in the cinema or on TV.

And yes, the movie was Ok.

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