My first day at work

Today was the great day… working at ICG. After a short tour through the building and meeting a lot of people of whom I can’t remember the names anymore (as usual on a first day) I was introduced to Massimiliano. He told me everything about his job and about the company. After three hours of listening to Spanish, my head was at the point of exploding. No more information please!

Fortunately, the Spanish working hours foresee in these situations. After a nice lunch at home I was ready to listen again. Besides listening I also installed Windows 2000 on some computers.

At the end I have a positive feeling about it, but I really have to get used to speaking Spanish the whole day, because now I still have to concentrate too much.

One thought on “My first day at work”

  1. Ha die Jeroen, leuk dat je het naar je zin heb daar ver in Spanje.
    Je baan bevalt ook lees ik.
    Mail nog eens hierheen of schrijf eens wat in het JN gastenboek.
    Weet je al of je 14 dec mee gaat naar HR & UA
    Groeten Coen

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