I am here, but all my stuff is there…

One week of holidays is not a lot if you have to travel back and forth to the other end of Europe.

Last week, we have spent the whole weekend packing my stuff. The result was a huge pile of boxes, of which everybody doubted it would fit into the car. On Sunday evening we removed the couches from the car and started fitting everything in it. To our surprise, there was some space left!!! So we quickly went back inside to get three more boxes which I intended to leave in Harmelen.

On Monday we left at 4 o’clock at night to drive in one time to Lleida. Expected distance: 1600 kilometers. At half past nine at night we parked the car in the garage in Alpicat. Completely exhausted we made it just before the Catalan supper time!

Tuesday we took a rest and emptied the car, and on Wednesday we arranged some practical things as visiting a language school, washing the car, checking the oil and arranging some of my stuff (CD’s!!!).

Thursday morning we left at 4:30 in the morning, with an almost empty car. The trip went a ot faster this time, but again we were exhausted.

And now I am here, while all my stuff is over there. I will have to wait two more weeks before I will leave Harmelen definitivly.

One thought on “I am here, but all my stuff is there…”

  1. Website progress

    People who haven’t visited my website might think that it has changed a lot. But after the big step last week things look quite the same. That is because I am going to make the site in three stages: Contents….

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