Packing my stuff…

Just a few more days to go! My room in Harmelen is turning little by little into a big mess. I am emptying my wardrobes, spreading everything out on the floor, putting stuff into boxes. Along the way I find back things of which I couldn’t even remember their existence.

And as you can imagine I just have to read those old letters, go through the old pictures, look into the old magazines…

In between there is of course my daily life: getting up, going to work, meeting friends, talking with my parents and of course phoning with MJ. The days all seem so very short…

Anyway, four more days to go, and then everything has to be packed. I haven’t decided yet the exact way to drive to Lleida. There are two options: drive over Paris – Toulouse – through the Pyrenees or Lyon – Perpignan. The first option is shorter, but with smaller roads and the second option has better roads, but over a longer distance.

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