Moving to Lleida

The main reason most people will visit this site at the moment is because you want to know when I will be moving to Lleida.

The answer is: SOON!

Next week, on October 15th–20th I will be moving all my stuff to lleida by car. I really hope that everything will fit in, but we will see…

After I am back, I will be working again until October 31st. On Friday November 2nd I will finally take the plane to the south of Europe.

5 thoughts on “Moving to Lleida”

  1. he die sangers alles goed ???
    en oja sorry dat ik geen afscheid heb genomen maar ik kom zeker wel een keertje langs als je het goed vind en anders maar niet want ik kom toch wel groetjes neesje

  2. Wish you all the best my friend ! Go for it ! Finally someone that doesn’t just talk about his dream, but actually makes it come true….Cheers !

  3. Estoy muy contento de tenerte por las tierras de Lleida. Bienvenido.
    I’m very happy you are goin to came here. That’s wunderfull. Welcome to lleida

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